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Employee Risk Management Specialists LLC (ERMS) is a safety and risk management consulting firm established in 2000. Ron Humphreys, president of ERMS, has worked in the manufacturing sector in safety & security and in the insurance industry as vice-president of loss control with a national insurance company. Other positions held have included loss control, underwriting and account management. He has worked in manufacturing in a number of capacities including production supervision offering unique, hands-on experience with workplace safety from a number of perspectives. ERMS has worked with a variety of organizations spanning manufacturing, construction, retail, hospitality, health care, institutional, and municipal, helping to eliminate or reduce workplace accidents and lower their costs of loss.

It is important to maintain the proper perspective on assisting organizations with safety improvement and ERMS stays centered. We understand our global economy and other economic factors have created greater challenges to achieving desired business goals in a highly competitive marketplace. Accident avoidance has become a higher operating priority – a distinct partnership – with achieving any organization’s core business ambitions, and ERMS provides the experience and proven methods necessary to achieve excellence in workplace safety.

Adding the 6th S to Your 5-S program

A publication by ERMS available through amazon and LULU press

The benefits of the 6-S program are well marked, however there are other advantages that offer phenomenal returns with the addition of the 6th S for safety! This book walks through some fundamentals toward achieving an accident free workplace by building an operating safety partnership applying a six step process. Zero accident hurdles are identified, how to clear them and produce a greater ROI. Each section concludes with a check point summary and a score-sheet for a base-line zero accident assessment. Strategic measures are reviewed to root out and eliminate accidents. Other important contributions to the 6-S program are explored including the true costs of loss, interpreting insurance underwriting practices, energizing safety teams, building quality leadership and prioritizing OSHA compliance.


ERMS has developed a wealth of safety training and educational publications, including an advisory newsletter available for subscription.

Worker's Compensation Management Services

Workers compensation management and safety compliance efforts must work in unison to offer a greater impact on safety performance. These strategic measures include:

  • Quality incident reporting and prevention systems
  • Operational training and cooperation
  • Productive modified duty work programs
  • Claims review
  • Experience rating assessment
  • Loss trending and analysis



Safety & Risk Management

Safety obligations can be reasonably addressed by understanding the compliance priority and specific activities necessary to support and sustain compliance requirements. These compliance obligations can be unique for an organization depending on the nature of business. These should be assessed initially in order to interpret necessary efforts and to avoid compliance shortfalls.